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Preventing Plugin Recursion

When writing plugins, it is essential to know when to prevent the plugin from executing. First, this will assist with saving resources. If your plugin doesn't need to run, preventing its execution will prevent the resources from being used. Secondly, if the plugin is executed repeatedly, without ...

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Improving Migration Performance

I was recently involved in a data migration project on a very limited timeline. The data would be coming from an older CRM on-premise environment and going to a new CRM Online instance. Although the data was not very complex, there was a significant amount of it and the cutover would need to happen ...

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Clearing Form Field Values with Business Rules

The introduction of Business Rules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to be a game changer in the way we customize Entity forms. The most obvious difference is providing the ability to complete common form field validation tasks that would normally require custom JavaScript. A recent update of ...

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CRM Tip: Track Internal Emails as Two Activities

Recently a client mentioned their emails were not being sent. After configuring inbound and outbound email, we thought we solved the problem. Then they come back and said their internal emails are not being received. We did the obvious test: send an email from a CRM user to another user in the same ...

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Using the Scribe Web Services Adapter

Recently, a number of my projects have required that Scribe Insight connects to a home-grown web service in order to write or retrieve data. While there is some information out there on how to use Scribe’s web service adapter, there were a number of surprises along the way that I’d like to share. ...

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Mail Merge In Dynamics CRM 2015

If you’ve ever needed to send emails, create form letters or mailing labels from CRM data, you have a few options. You can do it the old fashioned way and export data from CRM using Advanced Find and then build a Mail Merge document in Microsoft Word that uses your export file as a data source. But ...

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Workflow Processes Execute Twice

A client called the other day to report that they were suddenly receiving duplicate emails generated by a number of workflow processes. Upon inspection, I found that the workflows in question were indeed being executed twice; but only sometimes! The issue occurred ONLY when creating a new record ...

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Tips for a Successful Migration

I've performed many data migrations over the years. Many have been successful, some have not. The failures have taught me as much about successful migration as the victories, if not more. The following are a few lessons I've learned along the way. Plan More, Rework Less The majority of migration ...

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